Terms And Conditions

As a certified and customer-friendly fair-based transportation company, our valued clients can enjoy the facility of free cancellation or any changes in their already booked service 12 hours in advance by calling Express Limo Inc at 516-923-1000At Express Limo Inc., we constantly monitor commercial flight schedules so that valued guests get in their desired luxury car service on time.

Changes and cancellations require 24 hours in advance notice by calling Express Limo Inc at 516-923-1000.

Express Limo Inc monitors all commercial airline arrivals. A 60-minute grace period is allowed on all domestic arrivals and 90 minutes on all international arrivals. After the grace period, waiting time charges will apply. A 20-minute grace period is allowed on pick-ups other than at an airport. After the grace period, waiting time charges will apply. If the customer reaches on time, they can handle that as our service always facilitates clients. If you cannot trace our chauffeurs’ location or connect with them, Call Express Limo Inc. at 516-923-1000 to avoid any inconvenience.


Payment Policy:

1. The Balance is due on the date of the reservation.
2. Overtime is due in cash on the day of service. Payment must be made to the chauffeur before going into overtime.
3. Overtime is charged in half-hour increments.

Cancellation Policy:

All reservation requires a 1/2 deposit of the booking amount. Free Cancelation in 24 hours. You authorize Express Limo inc to charge the credit card listed on the front of the contract for the remaining balance. 

Modifications Policy:

Changes to a contract can only be made by the client listed on the front of this contract. Modifications of the agreement are limited to destinations, locations, pick-up times, adding or upgrading of vehicles, and overtime. All contract changes must be finalized 24 hours before the scheduled service date. Alterations or additions made by the client without the written agreement of First Class Limousine are invalid and unenforceable. Original vehicles booked cannot be downgraded and deleted from the contract. The number of hours contracted for the car cannot be reduced.

Delay Policy:

Suppose a travel delay is caused by an Act of God, severe weather and road conditions, and unforeseen traffic resulting in any contracted vehicles arriving late at the first pick-up address. In that case, Express Limo inc will modify the drop-off time to account for the amount of time caused by the delay. You agree that this action will be adequate compensation for the delay. Express limo Inc. Express limo Inc will incur no further liability and will make every effort to arrive at the designated pick-up locations on time, even in the above situations.

Damage Policy & Fees:

Alcoholic Beverages, Narcotics or controlled substances, or smoking are prohibited in our vehicles and will result in immediate termination of services.

If this occurs, no refund will be made, and passengers will be responsible for any costs incurred in acquiring alternate transportation. The client, with this, agrees to hold the company, its employees, and agents harmless from any consequences of such wrongful use by the client and the client’s guests, including the cost to defend against the same.

The chauffeur inspects Each vehicle before, during, and after each rental. Client shall be responsible for any damages and harm suffered by the company, its employees, agents, or third parties, including, but not limited to, the vehicle, about breakage, cleaning, burns, or interior or exterior damage to the extent of the actual cost to repair or replace, with a minimum charge of $300.00.

A clean-up fee of $100.00 will be charged for excessive trash left in the limousine and excessively spilled liquids. A sanitizing fee of $200.00 will be charged if any passenger vomits in or on the limousine. If anyone feels sick, the chauffeur will gladly pull over to allow the person to step out of the vehicle. All large bags (duffels, luggage, backpacks, etc.,  will be placed in the car’s trunk while passengers are in transport. Bottled beverages are not allowed in the limousine. The chauffeur has the right to terminate the trip without a refund if the passengers are putting the vehicle or chauffeur at risk or are not abiding by the rules of the contract.

Rate Estimate:

The rate presented to you before your trip is an initial estimate of the service cost as reserved. Wait time, taxes, extra stops, or additional services may change your rate.